Monday, 11 February 2013

Valentines Post ❤

So I stole this from another blogger (This One to be precise). And basically it's like a tag where you answer questions about things you love (other than your valentine). So here's mine...

14 Things I Love

number one- beauty product...
at the moment I'd probably have to say Rimmel - Apocolips as I'm truly amazed by it see my post 
here for my full review

number two- perfume...
Vera Wang - Princess, simply because it smells beautiful.

number three- shop...
I'm going to have to say Primark. If you go to the right place and it's not like a jumble sale then you can really get some amazing bargains (usually 3 or 4 bags full of them if you're like me).

number four- city...
I'd have to say Glasgow because its probably the one I visit the most. I went to London a couple of times but never for shopping so I would love to go again. Also Barcelona was beautiful.

number five- movie...
This is a hard decision but anything Disney (the rescuers and lady and the tramp in particular), P.S I Love You, The Notebook and most recently Les Miserables and The Vow (see previous posts lol). 

number six- song...
Again a really hard decision - every Glasvegas song. every Ben Howard song and Love you Til the End by The Pogues.

number seven- person...
My Boyfriend - Paul. He's just simply amazing and I'm so lucky as I get to have him as a boyfriend but he's also my best friend!

number eight- hobbie...
Eating, watching movies, reading, blogging and cross stitching. Perhaps I need to get a life lol.

number nine- food...

number ten - drink...

I'd have to say Fanta or flavoured water.

number eleven- designer...
I'm not a huge wearer of designer clothes, I'm more of a high street dresser. But I'd probably have to say Karl Lagerfield (Chanel).

number twelve- day...
I'd probably say Christmas, for so many reasons... presents, loads of food and spending time with loved ones more than usual.

number thirteen- memory...
Meeting Paul and our holiday last Summer.

number fourteen- blog...
Zoella, Sprinke of Glitter and FleurdeForce by far!

i hope you all have a great valentines day! let me know your plans in the comments below? 

           ♥ i tag YOU to answer these questions ♥ 



  1. aw, i love your answers!
    im glad you liked my post enough to do one yourself:)

    i definatley agree with your favourite shop being primark, i can spend so much in there!

    grace xx

  2. thank you :)
    it was a great post, I'm sure loads of people will do it :)

    Beth. xx

  3. Totally agree with number 14 :) I love the note book too! I really want to watch the vow now :)

  4. you will love the vow if you enjoyed the notebook! it's brilliant :) but have tissues at the ready haha xx

  5. What a lovely valentines post xx

  6. I love lady and the tramp too! <3
    Anna x